3rdScape is a RuneScape private server based on the Dragon History source. This wiki contains game guides, useful tips and tricks, and a forum to ask any questions relating to the game. Create a wikia account, then sign in to edit pages and contribute. The community and staff are always happy to answer your questions and take your suggestions on the forum and in the game its self. 3rdScape is still in beta development, so if you have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. The game is coded and maintained by Mod Kevin and Bloodsport. The server, a 2 GHz desktop PC, is usually kept online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The exp rates are increased drastically, so you won't have too much trouble reaching 99 in some of your favorite skills. Mod Randy is in charge of designing areas and making the game more interesting and exciting. If you want to be a part of the staff team, please take a look at this page. Thanks!


3rdScape takes place during the 3rd Age, a time of political unrest and war. The world of 3rdScape is enveloped in battle and there are few places safe from the dangerous beasts and powerful magicians. It is up to the human adventurers to choose a side and fight for their god. Only the mightiest warriors will earn the privilege to wield the legendary Godsword. Dangerous monsters await you at every turn. The king black dragon lurks through the abandoned city of Varrock, ready to burn any careless soldier to a crisp. Lesser demons patrol Edgeville and attack anyone standing in their way. Deep in the wilderness, legendary beasts and dragons await only the strongest combatants.


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    The 3rdScape beta is in production mode and is expected for release sometime in the next few weeks. We will keep you posted with more information, and screen shots from the game! We also plan to add a new member to our Mod team, Mod Randy. Randy is a RuneScape expert who will help us plan 3rdScape and place npcs a drops around the map. He just needs a PC first. (We hope to develop a Mac/Linux client eventually.)

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