Types of Mods Edit

As in the real RuneScape game, there are a few different kinds of Mods. Each type has its own special powers and abilities.

The first kind of Mod is a forum Mod. Forum Mods are the people who run this Wiki and the forum. They add new pages, make sure the content here is top notch, and help users download and play the game. Remember that forum Mods have no special privileges in the game. On the RuneScape forum, these Mods have green crowns next to their user names. We're working on adding those to our own forum. People interested in taking a forum Mod role should make sure they are:

  • Proficient in both writing and grammar.
  • Enjoy helping users and are skilled at communicating over the internet.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and are friendly to everyone.

Player Mods are in charge of keeping the game safe and ensuring that the rules are followed. They are responsible for welcoming new players and reporting players who break the rules. The only ability of a Player Mod is to temporarily mute. The power to ban resides only with staff Mods. Player Mods will always have a small silver crown beside every chat line they write, to distinguish them from regular players. People interested in becoming a Player Mod should be:

  • Experienced RuneScape players with a full knowledge of the skills and quests available.
  • Ready to answer any questions noobies might ask them.
  • Willing the help newer players get started on 3rdScape.

Finally, Staff Mods are the people who work for 3rdScape and help code the program. Usually, regular players aren't given the rank of Staff Mod. The only three Staff Mods are the people who regularly work on the server and come up with new ideas for minigames, areas, and npcs. One thing to remember is that Staff Mods will never ask you for your password. Even if a player has the word "Mod" before their name, they are not a true Staff Mod unless they have a small gold crown beside every chat line they write, as shown in the image.

List of Forum, Player, and Staff Mods Edit

  • Mod Kevin (Forum Mod)
  • Mod Kevin (Staff Mod)
  • Mod Randy (Staff Mod)
  • Bloodsport (Staff Mod)