In game commands are used by Staff Mods to spawn items, teleport to an x y location, mute ban players, walk through walls and across water, and spawn non player characters. Commands will always start with ::, and don't show up in the chat box. There are currently no commands that can be used by regular players and player Mods. This power resides only with the oh so privileged staff Mods. Bad things tend to happen when regular users and player Mods attempt to use commands they aren't supposed to, so I wouldn't try it. Anyways, here is a list of all of the commands that can be used, for staff reference and the curiosity of regular players.

  •  ::noclip This command tells the server to ignore walls and boundaries that players can't walk on. Using noclip, staff Mods can walk across rivers, travel through walls, and venture into places previously unknown.
  •  ::tele xxxx yyyy This command teleports you to the specified x and y coordinates. Use caution when using this command. If you make a mistake when typing in the coordinates, you could wind up in an endless black space.
  •  ::pickup ____ ____ This command adds items into your inventory. The first number is the item id. You'll find a complete list of the runescape item ids in your client folder. The second number tells the server how many of the item you want.
  •  ::npc ____ This command creates a non player character of your choice in the space beside you. As with items, npcs have their own id numbers. A list of all the npc ids is also in your client folder. Be careful not to spawn an npc if you don't think you can kill it!